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25 April, 2013

How To Backup and Restore Blogger Blog?

Backup Of Blog
Blogger.com is a fast growing blogging platform which is under the control of Google. People use to join Blogger for sharing their content online on internet through creating a blog. Sometimes people use to violate the policy of blogger such as publishing copyrighted content or adding malicious coding in the blog. In case, they will get their blog deleted or removed by Blogger automatic detection system. In other hand, having a complete backup or copy of your blog can save your efforts in that situations. If you have a copy of your blog then you can easily get back all the data of your blog. So here we are going to learn that how can we backup and restore our blogger blog?

26 December, 2012

How To Delete And Undelete A Blog ?

Are you tired to blogging regularly ? I have seen that many bloggers can not publish posts regularly to their blog due to some problem. If you want to delete/remove your blog or want to undelete/recover your deleted blog then this post is specially for you. As you know that today is our last part of our basic blogger tips series and in this part I'll teach you that how to delete and undelete a blog ? As blogger is growing and it's options are also growing. In the older blogger interface, recovering a blog was impossible but in the new interface we can recover our deleted blog. It's very easy friends, So let's start it.

13 December, 2012

How To Customize A Blogger Default Template ? - Part 6

Every blogger wants to make his blog beautiful and stylish so that his readers or visitors like his blog and become a power visitor. As you know that today I am going to teach you that how can we customize or design our default blogger template. We shall use Blogger template designer in order to customize blogger template. First of all let me introduce about template and Blogger Template Designer.

10 December, 2012

How To Download And Upload A Blogger Template ? - Part 5

Hi friends, here is our 5th part & in this part I am going to teach you that how can we download and upload a blogger template. If you have downloaded any blogger template and want to upload it on your blog or if you want to backup your template then this post is specially for you. It is very easy and here I am going to start.

08 December, 2012

How To Setup Comment Approval In Blogger ? - Part 4

Hi friends, I am back with 4th part of our Basic Blogger Tips Series and in this part I am going to teach you that how can you setup comment approval in blogger. If you are getting spam or abusive comments then you must setup it because when a reader or visitor will comment on your blog , It will not publish at that time but it need approval of author. It is very easy , So friends , here I am going to start right now.

07 December, 2012

How To Change Blogger Favicon ? - Part 3

Favicon is taken from " Favourite Icon ". It is a small 16 x 16 pixels picture which appears at any browser's tab of any site. I have mentioned it in image , you can see it. If you create your site's own favicon then it looks more professional than previous. First of all you have to create an image using any photo editing software after that create icon by using any online favicon generator and in last upload it on your blog. You can also create GIF animated icon and I'm also going to teach you that how can we add animated favicon on blogger ? So let's start it friends.

06 December, 2012

How To Join Blogger And Create A Blog ? - Part 1

Hi friends ! From today I am going to write articles on Basic Blogger Tips. It is a series which's parts will be updated soon and This is the first part of this series. Today I shall tell you that how to join blogger and create a blog and I am also going to introduce blogger. Friends you can see the series's topics which will be updated in next 5 days.

07 November, 2012

How To Remove Blogger Navbar ? - Part 2


Actually this navbar appears only in blogger's default templates. If you don't like this navbar or someone in disturbing you using "Abuse" option without any reason than you can remove it using the trick below. Blogger's navbar appears at the top of the blog. It looks like the image below.


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