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30 November, 2012

100+ Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Windows

Hi friends , Today I am going to share some useful keyboard shortcut keys which will help you to operate windows faster and easier. Shorcut keys are commonly accessed by using the "Alt" ( On IBM Compatible Computers ), command key ( On Apple Computers ), "Ctrl" or "Shift" in conjunction with a single letter. The de factor standard for listing a shortcut is listing the modifier key, a plus symbol and the single character. Suppose "Alt+S" is telling you to press Alt key and while continuing to hold the Alt key, press the S key to perform the shortcut. So here I have listed 100+ shortcut keys for all of you.

29 November, 2012

10 Basic Facebook Tips For New Facebook Users

Facebook has become the most popular social network site. Everyone loves and knows Facebook. I have seen that even children of 10 years are also using Facebook. Facebook is a site where people create accounts for free and chat with each other for hours. Facebook also provides video call service to their fans. Actually the founder and creator of Facebook social network site is Mark Zuckerberg. You can get more information about him on Wikipedia. Facebook has 9 Google Page Rank and 1 Alexa Rank. This ranking can understand web masters who run their own  site or blog and Seo Experts.So today I am sharing 10 most useful and basic tips which every Facebook user must know. Let's start it friends.

28 November, 2012

How To Change Facebook Theme In Mozilla Firefox

Are you bored to see same Facebook theme everyday ? So today I am going to vanish your bored theme by a trick. In this trick I shall teach you that how you can change your Facebook theme. This trick only work on Mozilla Firefox browser because we shall use some add-ons which works only on Firefox. So you must install Mozilla Firefox browser in your system. This add-on is named Stylish and this is created by Jason Barnabe. By this add-on we can easily install themes for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut and many popular sites. You can also create your own theme of any web by this add-on. You can know something more about on Style add-on on it's web. So let's start it.

26 November, 2012

How To Disable Right Click Function In Blogger

Hi guyz! I am back with a new trick, In this trick I shall tell you that how you can disable the right click function in blogger blog. This option is useful for the site and blog owners, who want to minimize the possibilities of the content direct copying to other posts. Right click on any internet browser is very important element and we must use it when it comes to copy or editing texts and etc. It’s very important when it comes to web masters too. but some people may use it in a bad way, and you may want to make click right disabled on your blog. to protect you text, images links and e.t.c. So let's disable right click function on your blog.

10 November, 2012

Add Twitter Fan Box To Blogger

As I shared  Twitter Flying Bird for blogger a few days ago & today I came with Twitter Fan Box for blogger. This widget is closely based on Facebook Fan Page Like Box which I have also shared with you. This widget was created by Mark Carey. By adding this widget in blogger let your visitors follow you on Twitter without leaving your site. This widget can also increase the traffic of your blog from Twitter but if you have lot of followers on Twitter and you must tweet your blog updates than you have chances of getting traffic. This widget is neat clean and easy to add to this in blogger. Let's start adding this widget to your blog.

09 November, 2012

Lock A Folder Without Any Software

In the previous post I shared a Facebook like button for blogger and in this post I am going to teach you that how you can lock a folder without any software. There are a lot of ways of locking a folder. Some of them also uses software to lock folder but in this way we shall not use any software. In this trick we shall batch the code in notepad. So let me teach you that how to lock any folder without software.

08 November, 2012

Add Facebook Like Button To Blogger

I previously shared a twitter flying bird for blogger and in this tutorial I am going to share a facebook like button. This facebook like button can be added at the bottom of every post , below post title of every post and anywhere in your blog. By adding this widget let you know that how many likes will you get. This widget is neat clean and beautiful and it loads like a flash. So here I am starting to how to add this in your blog.

Add Animated Twitter Flying Bird To Blogger

Now a days twitter is the second most popular social site after Facebook. Twitter has millions of daily users and tweets. There are many twitter widgets for blogger and this widget is one of them. This widget has animated twitter flying bird which has smartness & uniqueness. By adding this widget you will get lot of twitter followers. This widget can be used in any blogger template i.e : Custom Blogger Template & Default Blogger Template. This widget is very easy to add it in blogger. So here I am starting to how to add this animated twitter flying bird to blogger.

07 November, 2012

Customize Popular Posts Widget With CSS3 In Blogger

Popular posts is a blogger's common widget which shows your mostly viewed pages in a vertical row. we can customize this widget with css3. This widget was included in blogger default templates in 2011 and till now it is a great widget. Today I will teach you that how can we customize it with css3. This css3 code will work for both custom blogger template and default blogger templates. So follow the simple steps below in order to customize popular posts widget with css3.

How To Remove Blogger Navbar ? - Part 2


Actually this navbar appears only in blogger's default templates. If you don't like this navbar or someone in disturbing you using "Abuse" option without any reason than you can remove it using the trick below. Blogger's navbar appears at the top of the blog. It looks like the image below.

06 November, 2012

Add 5 Social Media Slides/Pop Out Subscription Boxes To Blogger

Hi friends , A few days ago I shared Facebook fan page like box pop out widget and in this post I am going to share "5 social media pop out subscription boxes widget". This widget comprises of Facebook like box, twitter follower box, Google plus, YouTube and RSS feed subscribe box, and this widget will slide out smoothly when you place your cursor on any of the widget, due to the jQuery effect that is included. Follow the simple steps below to add this stylish pop out widget on your blog/site.

150+ Useful Run Commands

All of the Run Commands below Works in the Windows XP Operating System, however some do require that you have the application associated with the command installed. To provoke the run dialogue box where you enter the run commands, click start and then select Run. You can also hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press 'R'  this will open the run command console where you then type in your command.

05 November, 2012

Earn Money With Hosting DepostFiles


Depositfiles is make money uploading files sites. They generously give a free $5 registration bonus to all new members. On top of that, they have lots of unique features such as loyalty bonus, different commission tariff (higher payout) for active member, contest , flash uploader and much more. You can earn up to $0.03 per download.

04 November, 2012

Add Social Media Sharing Bar To Weebly Blog

Everyone wants to share their work/website/blog to the rest of the world and social media networks are the easiest way from where you can let the whole world know about your website or blog. So if you run a website or blog of any kind, you are always trying to encourage more people to talk about and share your pages, articles, posts or any kind of work through a variety of channels, including social media and e-mail. Adding social media sharing buttons is a simple and effective way to quickly increase the page views. So here in this I am going to teach you that how you can add social media sharing bar to your weebly blog or site. It is very easy , you just need to add some html codes in your theme. So let's add it.

03 November, 2012

Change Facebook Login Background In Google Chrome Only

Now a days , Facebook is very popular social networking site. Every internet user is using Facebook even your 9 years old cousin maybe know and loves Facebook  Bored with having exactly the same dull and boring Facebook log in page all the time you actually sign in ? Effectively after that it’s enough time to Rekindle your own Facebook with your personal customized and favourite sign in page design...This method only for Google Chrome not working on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

Use Mouse Funtions Through A Keyboard

There are being times when you think of using your mouse and it doesn’t work and you are helpless enough to use your system then. Are you looking for how to use mouse functions through a keyboard? then read along. Ultimately when you would think of working, suddenly mouse doesn’t and you think of switching off your system as you are unable to work upon. Hence, now days even if you have no mouse or your mouse doesn’t operates in between your work and stops you there, you can still utilize the features and make ample conditions within your system and make your work being done. There are certain directions which can make you optimize your issue of placing the cursors properly and clicking without the mouse on your desktop.

Set Timer For Automatic Shutdown Your PC


Hi friends, I am back with a new pc trick. In this article I am going to teach you that how you can set a timer for automatic shutdown. Actually it happens when your any process is running on your laptop or pc, you have to go for an urgent work, that work will take too much time and you don't want to cancel your process or don't want to waste your electricity than this trick will help you so much.

02 November, 2012

Beautiful Author Bio Plugin To Wordpress


Today I am going to give you wonderful WordPress author bio plugin. Now a days many of WordPress blog have author bio box at end of each post. Now it’s becoming very popular to have author box in WordPress blog. Everyone knows author bio box and its importance to manage multi-author blogs. There are many plugins that add author box to your blog but I’m sharing Beautiful Author Bio Plugin with many great features.

Download Torrent Files From Internet Download Manager

This is a great question many people want to know about it. There is a website in which we upload torrent download file and change it to a zip file which can be downloaded from (I.D.M) internet downloader manager a fast downloader manager which can download every file from the whole internet so I found a website for all my friends in which they easily tranform torrent files to zip file. As you know that idm is a very fast downloader manager it bost up your downloads at high speed so you save your time and not wait for long time in lazy downloads of torrents so here is the method of how to download torrent files from Internet Download Manager.

Earn Money With LinkBucks.Com

In case you didn't know, you can also earn money from people clicking links that lead out of your site; and that is through Linkbucks. If you’re new to Linkbucks, maybe you should try reading my primer about Making More Money When People Leave Your Site Using Linkbucks and discover how Linkbucks could change your view about making money online.


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