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31 March, 2013

Top 10 Ways To Increase Traffic Of Your Blog

Increase Traffic Of Blog
Making a blog is not so difficult but driving traffic to your blog is difficult and most important thing because if you have no traffic then your blog is nothing. The traffic of a blog or website is playing very important role, so here we are going to discuss some best ways to increase the traffic. You have to carefully read these ways and apply these tips on your blog correctly. So, friends let's start the discussion.

29 March, 2013

How To Enable Reply Comments In Facebook Pages?

facebook reply button
Now a days, Many people are making fan pages of different kinds and publishing posts with their fans. Some of them people are successful in increasing fans and some are not. In the other hand, Facebook's developers are working well, Few days ago they have introduced reply to comments button in Fan Pages. Before this button, users were facing problem in searching replies in a post with numerous comments. But now, they will get a notification if they have got a reply. So, here we are going to enable reply to comments option in Facebook Pages.

24 March, 2013

Beautiful Author Bio Box For Blogger

Author Bio Box
When any reader or visitor reads the article with great pleasure then he/she might want to know that by whom this article has been written. Keeping this thing in an eye, adding the author bio box below every post will be better. So here, Today I've brought a beautiful and attractive author bio box widget for all of you. Actually, one of our reader requested us to share that author bio box widget and we told him that it will be shared soon and here it is.

21 March, 2013

What Are Backlinks and How To Increase Them?

Increase Backlinks
Getting traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo are the main sources in SEO but link building is also an important process in SEO. It helps us to drive more traffic on our blog/site and spreads our blog/site widely on the internet. These backlinks also help us in improving our blog/site's Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking. Well, Today we are going to discuss about building backlinks of our blog. So, below I have detailed backlinks, its kinds and how to increase backlinks.

16 March, 2013

Open Multiple Facebook Accounts In a Single Browser

Multiple Facebook Accounts
Facebook is most popular social networking platform which is being used in all over the world. Most of its users use to create more than one account for different purposes. They might have tried to open their all accounts in a single browser but they couldn't success. So this post is specially for those who have more than one account on Facebook because In this post we are going to learn that how can we open multiple Facebook accounts in a single. We can open multiple Facebook accounts in those browsers, In which "Private Tab" is available because this private tab opens with cleaned cookies and saved passwords which will help us to perform this trick.

13 March, 2013

Add Facebook Pop Up Like Box In Blogger

Every blogger wants to increase his blog's traffic which is most important. They use to try every way of increasing their blog's traffic and social networking is also one of the best way to increase the traffic. In the internet world, Facebook is the top first social network platform which is used in whole the world. So, Facebook is  most important for every blogger in increasing the traffic of his blog. Most of bloggers use to create a fan page on Facebook for their blogs in order to increase traffic and sending hot updates to their visitors. They can get more visitors and make their blog popular on Facebook just by increasing their Facebook fan page likes. So here I am giving you a best Facebook pop up like box widget for blogger. You can boost your Facebook Fan Page likes just by adding this widget in your blog.

12 March, 2013

How To Install Google Analytics In Blogger

Google Analytics
Keeping track of the site statistics is most important for every web master so that he may know that how his site is going on. This process is done in every web page although it is blog, website or forum. So today here we are going to discuss that how can we know the real and accurate statistics of blogger blog. There are hundreds of platforms by which we can know our blog's statistics but to be honest, Most of them are not accurate or real. I will always suggest you to use Google Analytics because it is the best web statistics generator.

10 March, 2013

Run Multiple Skype Accounts In a Single Computer

Skype is a popular audio and video chatting service where people use to meet with their relatives, family members and loved ones. Some people create more than one account on Skype for different purposes but then can't run their all accounts at the same time in a single computer. So, here we are going to run two or more than two Skype accounts in a single computer which will help you to join two communications at same time or in annoying your friends etc.

08 March, 2013

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing and Yahoo

Blogger Sitemap To Bing
Bing and Yahoo are the top 2 web search engines in the world which are widely used. In order to get traffic from search engines, Google is most important for indexing your sitemap and Bing and Yahoo are also important because these are top 2 search engines. So Today's article is about submitting blogger sitemap to Bing and Yahoo. Basically, These both search engines are connected with each other and we shall submit blogger sitemap to only Bing search engine and Yahoo will automatically get your site's pages from Bing. It is not too difficult to submit this sitemap, it's so easy. You just need to follow the simple below given steps. So friends, let's start it.

03 March, 2013

Earn Money Online By Hosting Files On HotFile.Com

Earn Money By HotFile
I previously tutored about earning money online with Adf.Ly and Chitika and today I am going to share the new way of earning money online by hosting files with hotfile.com. If you have a site or blog where you provide only downloads then you can easily earn with this site. You just have to upload those downloads on HotFile.Com after that HotFile.Com will give you a link which you have to publish on your blog. In those links your readers or visitors can dowload your downloads. If your files are most downloaded then your revenue will also be increased. The maximum size of every file should be under 400MB becuase this is requirment from that site.

02 March, 2013

TechZine SEO Optimized Blogger Template


Template Name : TechZine
Platform : Blogger/BlogSpot
SEO Optimized By : Tricks Master
Designer : FThemes.Com
Adapted From : WordPress
Converted By : BloggerTipandTrick.Net
License : Creative Common Attribute 3.0

The Easiest Way To Type Urdu Without Software

Easiest Urdu Typing
Urdu is a national language of Pakistan which is used all over the Pakistan. Pakistani people used to make notices, question papers and many things in Urdu language, Print them out and use them according to their needs. They use many softwares to type urdu i.e Inpage etc. But most of them are facing problem in typing urdu, So here I've brought the best and easiest way to type Urdu without any software. You just need to have an internet connection and a browser only.

01 March, 2013

How To Earn Money Online With Chitika ?

I previously wrote about earning money online with Adf.Ly which is the easiest way to earn money online and our today's article is about earning money online with Chitika. Chitika is PPC (Paid Per Click) Ad networking system which is alternative of Google AdSense. There are a few things which we will need to earn money with Chitika. First one is a good blog or website because Chitika gives us ad code which we have to add in our blog or site as I have added ad code below post title you can see it. Then after adding that code, The ads will start appearing and when any user/reader/visitor will click on that ad, you will get paid. As more clicks you will get from your visitors and more revenue you will earn from Chitika. But you can not click on your ad because it's against the rules of Chitika. All the clicks will be verified from the the Chitika engineers.

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