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30 October, 2012

How To Make Add Static Facebook Pop Out Like Box With Smooth Jquery Hover Effect ?


Hi  My All Friends.Below is yet another Facebook jquery pop up for facebook like box widget for Your Blogger Blog.Benefits this kind of widget may be to free space on Blogger Sidebar Area.
For the reason that Facebook can prevent site typical as being the box. Interferance Pop Out Facebook as very soft box with jQuery impact of activation for that blogger, that is one more awesome control. Right here I have got added as the box with straightforward jQuery hover effect. See Facebook interferance plate on the right in the Your Blog and move the mouse above the plate with the frame, as is visible by sliding towards the left.

Add Flipper Sharing Widget Below Every Post In Blogger


Adding flipper widget is another way of increasing your blog's traffic. By adding this let's your readers share your posts on their favourite social sites. This widget was totally customized by MBT and now i am also sharing this with you.

25 October, 2012

Add Numbered Page Navigation Widget To Blogger


One of the important features of a good blog or site is that it is very easy for the blog visitors to navigate throughout the site. A site which is structured in such a way that the visitors have to take efforts to move from one page to another is seen as a poorly designed site.

Having proper navigation is important as it also helps to increase the page views for your blog. Blogger users are aware of the Newer Posts and Older Posts links at the bottom of the blog.

17 October, 2012

Add Cool "Touch Me" Social Media Widget To Blogger


Social Media and growing interest of people in social networking sites has given birth to dozens of social sharing tools and services. Web masters are getting addicted to these tools because unlike organic traffic from search engines, web traffic from social channels have overtaken search traffic. Bloggers today depend largely on networks like Facebook, Google plus and twitter to drive traffic to their blogs. These tools are good only if they can attract a visitor to bookmark and share your content. From your website quality content till your blog design, every single bit counts in turning a visitor into a follower. To help you with your dream of increasing  fans and readers we bring you "Touch Me". Its named such due to its appealing look that forces a visitor to roll hover the cursor over the icons and hit follow! :) This gadget is neatly structured using buttons from popular services like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and RSS. We have coded it neatly using basic HTML and some spicy CSS styles.

16 October, 2012

Add Stylish Subscription Box With Social Media Buttons Below Each Post In Blogger


Adding subscription box below your each post is another best way of increasing your blog subscribers. This widget comprises of a subscription box, RSS link, twitter link, facebook link, and google + link. It will appear at the bottom of your post and this is one of the best way to get your readers attention.

Add Simple Subscription Box To Blogger


Hi ! This is my first post and in this post i am going to teach you that how you can add Subscribe Via Email Box to blogger. This is the simple and cute email subscription box that can boost your email subscribers. The place for adding this widget is in sidebar of your blog. There your visitors will be attracted fro subscription. This widget will not only increase your subscribers but it also build the backlinks and the relationship between you and your readers. As more subscribers you will get and it will bring more benefit to you. So friends let's add this great subscription box in your blogger blog.

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