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03 April, 2013

SEO Tactics For Creating a Blog Post

SEO Tactics
Search Engine Optimization is important for every web page although it is blog, forum or website. Search engine can be optimized in two ways first one is on-page and second one is off-page. We've discussed some of both tactics and here, today I'm gonna tell you some on-page SEO tactics that you must do while creating a post. These tactics will not only increase your blog's traffic but also help the search engine's crawler to crawl your posts easily. You blog will also be safe from Google's algorithms if you use these tactics on all your blog posts. So, friends, Here are these tactics, Read them carefully now.

31 March, 2013

Top 10 Ways To Increase Traffic Of Your Blog

Increase Traffic Of Blog
Making a blog is not so difficult but driving traffic to your blog is difficult and most important thing because if you have no traffic then your blog is nothing. The traffic of a blog or website is playing very important role, so here we are going to discuss some best ways to increase the traffic. You have to carefully read these ways and apply these tips on your blog correctly. So, friends let's start the discussion.

21 March, 2013

What Are Backlinks and How To Increase Them?

Increase Backlinks
Getting traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo are the main sources in SEO but link building is also an important process in SEO. It helps us to drive more traffic on our blog/site and spreads our blog/site widely on the internet. These backlinks also help us in improving our blog/site's Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking. Well, Today we are going to discuss about building backlinks of our blog. So, below I have detailed backlinks, its kinds and how to increase backlinks.

08 March, 2013

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing and Yahoo

Blogger Sitemap To Bing
Bing and Yahoo are the top 2 web search engines in the world which are widely used. In order to get traffic from search engines, Google is most important for indexing your sitemap and Bing and Yahoo are also important because these are top 2 search engines. So Today's article is about submitting blogger sitemap to Bing and Yahoo. Basically, These both search engines are connected with each other and we shall submit blogger sitemap to only Bing search engine and Yahoo will automatically get your site's pages from Bing. It is not too difficult to submit this sitemap, it's so easy. You just need to follow the simple below given steps. So friends, let's start it.

18 February, 2013

Add an SEO Friendly Robots.txt File To Blogger

Now a days we are talking about the Blogger's Search Preferences Settings which are added in the new interface. These settings help us to make our blog more SEO friendly. So today we are going to discuss about Robots.txt file. By this file we instruct the search engine's robots that which parts of our blog can be indexed, accessed or crawled by them and which can't. When any search engine's robot comes to your blog for indexation, First it find the robots.txt file and read that file so that it may know which commands are given by the site owner. If we didn't add any robots.txt file it will index all the links, parts, content e.t.c.

03 February, 2013

How To Redirect Pages In Blogger New Interface

301 Redirection
I previously tutored about Creating 404 Error Page In Blogger and today we are going to learn that how can we redirect pages in blogger new interface. In the old blogger interface we were unable to make a 301 or 302 redirection. As you know that this new interface has brought us a lot of benefits and features and redirecting pages feature is also one of them. This feature is only used when you delete or change any URL of your blog post or page. Because Search Engines will still show your older URL which you changed. So when you are changing the URL of any post or page , you will need to make redirection of old URL to New URL.

01 February, 2013

Create A Custom Not Found Error Page In Blogger

404 Not Found
We previously talked about Meta Description Tags Settings In Blogger New Interface and today we are going to Create a Custom Not Found Error Page In Blogger. This page will only appears to those visitors who have entered your blog's wrong address or this address may be deleted or not existing. By default this feature is disabled and we shall enable it today. Before this feature, blogger used to show an error message to their users which was not good or not a freindly way but this feature is added in the Blogger New Interface. We have to add an error message to this page or we'll tell something better navigation way to the visitors. We can make this page beautiful by using HTML & CSS.

30 January, 2013

Optimize Post Title Using H2 Tag In Blogger

Last time we talked about optimizing blogger comments, blogger labels and archive links. So today we are going to optimize post title using an H2 tag which will boost our blog's traffic. In the web pages headings are very important. These headings are used carefully and wisely by web masters. In the blogger default templates, an H1 tag is used for the main blog title, H2 tag is taken for sidebar widgets and date titles and while H3 tag is used for post titles. According to SEO, We should use an H2 tag for post titles because post titles are the most important lines in a web page through search engines spider eyes and we can say that posts or content is our blog's king and king always comes first.

29 January, 2013

How To SEO Optimize Archive Links In Blogger

Hey buddies ! I am back with the similar Blogger SEO Friendly Template Designing tutorial. As you know that today I am going to teach you that how can we SEO optimize archive links in blogger. Blog archive is an old blogger gadget which holds our blog's history. This gadget categorizes our blog's posts orderly by year, by month, by week and day as well. This gadget's links point to different posts which are published in the past. By default these links can create problem for SEO and search engine's robots as crawling duplicate content from our blog. As I told you in my previous post that crawler need only one unique address for search engines to be crawled.

How To SEO Optimize Blogger Labels ?

Hi friends , Welcome back to the new tutorial on Blogger Template SEO friendly designing. My previous post was about Optimizing Blogger Comments for better SEO and in this post we'll optimize labels for better SEO. Do you know what these labels are ? Friends while creating a post we can create a label. The label means categories. So we can add different posts to different labels. In Wordpress these labels are called tags but in blogger it is named as labels. These labels help the blog owner to categorize his posts and it is also helpful for readers to browse more posts when they are on your site.

25 January, 2013

How To SEO Optimize Blogger Comments ?

SEO Optimized Comments
In my previous posts I tutored about Meta Description and Keyword Tags, Show Post Title First In Search Results and today I am back with the new SEO friendly template designing tutorial. In this tutorial I am going to teach you that how can we SEO Optimize our blogger comments. If a blog is having a lot of comments from the readers or visitors then it shows the popularity of the blog and Google and other search engines also give more importance to those blogs which are most commented. But when some people post comments with bad links. It creates a problem for a blog owner , SEO and as well as for search engines.

24 January, 2013

Show Post Title First In Search Results In Blogger

Show Post Title First
Have you ever noticed that your blog's post title is appearing after blog title in search results ? and ever thought about it that it is good or bad ? According to search engine optimizing it is not good because when a user will search any page or post , he will start reading the page title from the beginning and if the starting words are not matching with the content which he need then he will skip reading it and will start reading another page title.

20 January, 2013

Add Meta Description and Keyword Tags In Blogger

Meta Tags
Do you want to make your blogger template SEO friendly ? but don't know how to do it ? So friends from today I have decided to share some basically and most important seo friendly template desgining tutorials to you. These tutorials can boost your traffic. So friends it is my first post today on Blogger Template Seo Friendly Designing and in this post I am going to teach you that how can we add meta description and keyword tags in blogger and what they will do ?

10 January, 2013

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google

Submitting sitemap to Google is the best way to increase your traffic. Submitting a sitemap means to send request to search engine for the indexation of your blog's all posts and pages in search engine. If you have a blog which contains 30/40 posts, pages then you must submit sitemap to search engines in order to increase the traffic of your blog. Don't become lazy in submitting the sitemap to the search engines because its most important thing in increasing traffic and in seo. You can say that it is the heart of seo. I'll also publish the tutorial on submitting the sitemap to Yahoo And Bing Search Engines and other seo tutorials as soon as time allows. We shall use Google Webmasters Tools in order to submit sitemap.


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