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02 December, 2012

How To Add Floating Recent Tweets Widget In Blogger OR Wordpress

Hi friends, As I previously shared floating twitter fan box and now I am going to share a floating recent tweets widget for blogger and wordpress. This widget is cool and beautiful than previous widget. It is specailly for those who want to make their blog beautiful with social media gadgets which are placed at different parts of their blog. It show your 4 recent tweets and it is great for you to increase followers and force the visitors to follow you. This widget is also created with Html, JavaScript and Css coding. This widget is very easy to add it in blogger and wordpress. So friends here I am starting adding this widget to your blogs.

01 December, 2012

How To Add Floating Twitter Fan Box Widget To Blogger

Most of web masters are using twitter to send his/her blog's updates to their readers. So this widget is specially for them. This widget is neat clean and simple. It looks similar to the Facebook like box. You can boost your twitter followers by adding this widget. By this widget your readers can follow you without leaving your site. This widget is built with JavaScript, Css, Html and JQuery and was created by Mark Carey.This widget shows your recent 10 followers by default. This widget only appears when someone place the mouse cursor on it , otherwise it will be shrinking at the right side of your blog's body. You can also change it's position to the left side as well. So let's start adding this widget in your blog.

10 November, 2012

Add Twitter Fan Box To Blogger

As I shared  Twitter Flying Bird for blogger a few days ago & today I came with Twitter Fan Box for blogger. This widget is closely based on Facebook Fan Page Like Box which I have also shared with you. This widget was created by Mark Carey. By adding this widget in blogger let your visitors follow you on Twitter without leaving your site. This widget can also increase the traffic of your blog from Twitter but if you have lot of followers on Twitter and you must tweet your blog updates than you have chances of getting traffic. This widget is neat clean and easy to add to this in blogger. Let's start adding this widget to your blog.

08 November, 2012

Add Animated Twitter Flying Bird To Blogger

Now a days twitter is the second most popular social site after Facebook. Twitter has millions of daily users and tweets. There are many twitter widgets for blogger and this widget is one of them. This widget has animated twitter flying bird which has smartness & uniqueness. By adding this widget you will get lot of twitter followers. This widget can be used in any blogger template i.e : Custom Blogger Template & Default Blogger Template. This widget is very easy to add it in blogger. So here I am starting to how to add this animated twitter flying bird to blogger.


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