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02 March, 2013

The Easiest Way To Type Urdu Without Software

Easiest Urdu Typing
Urdu is a national language of Pakistan which is used all over the Pakistan. Pakistani people used to make notices, question papers and many things in Urdu language, Print them out and use them according to their needs. They use many softwares to type urdu i.e Inpage etc. But most of them are facing problem in typing urdu, So here I've brought the best and easiest way to type Urdu without any software. You just need to have an internet connection and a browser only.

05 December, 2012

How To Open Multiple Yahoo Messengers In A Single Pc

Do you have more than one ID on Yahoo ? But can't open all Ids at one time and in a single PC ? then today I am going to teach you a little trick about opening multiple yahoo messenger. By opening multiple yahoo messengers in a single pc you can make more fun with your friends. We shall make some changes in messenger's registration file by following the simple steps below. So let's start it friends.

29 November, 2012

10 Basic Facebook Tips For New Facebook Users

Facebook has become the most popular social network site. Everyone loves and knows Facebook. I have seen that even children of 10 years are also using Facebook. Facebook is a site where people create accounts for free and chat with each other for hours. Facebook also provides video call service to their fans. Actually the founder and creator of Facebook social network site is Mark Zuckerberg. You can get more information about him on Wikipedia. Facebook has 9 Google Page Rank and 1 Alexa Rank. This ranking can understand web masters who run their own  site or blog and Seo Experts.So today I am sharing 10 most useful and basic tips which every Facebook user must know. Let's start it friends.

28 November, 2012

How To Change Facebook Theme In Mozilla Firefox

Are you bored to see same Facebook theme everyday ? So today I am going to vanish your bored theme by a trick. In this trick I shall teach you that how you can change your Facebook theme. This trick only work on Mozilla Firefox browser because we shall use some add-ons which works only on Firefox. So you must install Mozilla Firefox browser in your system. This add-on is named Stylish and this is created by Jason Barnabe. By this add-on we can easily install themes for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut and many popular sites. You can also create your own theme of any web by this add-on. You can know something more about on Style add-on on it's web. So let's start it.

03 November, 2012

Change Facebook Login Background In Google Chrome Only

Now a days , Facebook is very popular social networking site. Every internet user is using Facebook even your 9 years old cousin maybe know and loves Facebook  Bored with having exactly the same dull and boring Facebook log in page all the time you actually sign in ? Effectively after that it’s enough time to Rekindle your own Facebook with your personal customized and favourite sign in page design...This method only for Google Chrome not working on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

02 November, 2012

Download Torrent Files From Internet Download Manager

This is a great question many people want to know about it. There is a website in which we upload torrent download file and change it to a zip file which can be downloaded from (I.D.M) internet downloader manager a fast downloader manager which can download every file from the whole internet so I found a website for all my friends in which they easily tranform torrent files to zip file. As you know that idm is a very fast downloader manager it bost up your downloads at high speed so you save your time and not wait for long time in lazy downloads of torrents so here is the method of how to download torrent files from Internet Download Manager.


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