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28 February, 2013

Earn Money Online By Shorten URLs With Adf.ly

Now a days, Everyone is finding the correct and real way to earn money online on internet. Some people says, "It is impossible to earn money online on internet" but in actual they are wrong. With the latest technology we can earn money online from living room. So today I am going to share an easy and real way to earn money online. I've brought to you a website which lets us earn money online by shorten URLs. After shorten URLs we have to share those URLs to social network or with our friends. As the page views of that URLs will be increased and your revenue will be also increased. Now you must be thinking that what benefit did that site get ?

26 February, 2013

Add Mashable Social Subscription Widget In Blogger

Hi friends, Today I am back with The Mashable Widget. This is the social subscription widget which consists of Google Plus Page Followers, Facebook Page Like Box, Plus+1 button, Pin it button, Twitter follow button, Pinterest follow button and the email subsription form. This is best social subscription widget of 2012 and I'm also using it, You can see it in the sidebar. Basically, This widget increases our social networking and spreads our blog on social network. It also increase our traffic which is most important for every blogger. This widget is a neat clean and has about all the social subscription buttons. This widget can be added at your blog's sidebar because this widget's height is too large. It is not hard to add this widget in your blog, It's so easy. Just copy the code, paste it and replace the social links with yours. So friends what are you waiting for let's add this beautiful widget in your blog and get your publicity increased.

25 February, 2013

Add Animated CSS3 Bubble Buttons In Blogger

Hi friends, Today I am back with the new animated css3 bubble buttons for blogger which are created by TutorialZine. These buttons help us to make our blog/site more beautiful. We can use these buttons for download link, demo link and many more as you want. These buttons are made with pure css3. These buttons are available in four colors which are Blue, Green, Orange and Gray. These buttons are designed with four sizes. First one is Big, Second one is Medium, Third one is Small and the last is rounded buttons. When someone place the mouse cursor on that button, It's background animates with shaking bubbles. See the below picture as a demo.

5 Best SEO Friendly Blogger Template Of 2013

SEO Friendly Templates
There are thousands of Blogger Templates on web which are professional and free for download but most of those templates are not SEO friendly optimized and which is most important thing for the web master. SEO optimized templates helps us to drive the more traffic to our blog and search engines crawler also crawl and index them freely. We have also shared the tutorials to make your Blogger Templates SEO Friendly and here I'm going to share some best SEO friendly templates which are designed by our pro blogger brothers. These templates are neat clean and fully SEO optimized. So friends checkout the below templates.

18 February, 2013

Add an SEO Friendly Robots.txt File To Blogger

Now a days we are talking about the Blogger's Search Preferences Settings which are added in the new interface. These settings help us to make our blog more SEO friendly. So today we are going to discuss about Robots.txt file. By this file we instruct the search engine's robots that which parts of our blog can be indexed, accessed or crawled by them and which can't. When any search engine's robot comes to your blog for indexation, First it find the robots.txt file and read that file so that it may know which commands are given by the site owner. If we didn't add any robots.txt file it will index all the links, parts, content e.t.c.

12 February, 2013

How To Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound

Facebook Notification Sound
Facebook has become the world's most popular social network platfrom. According to Wikipedia, Facebook has more than 2 billion daily users who got connected with their friends and family members. Facebook has become its owner richest man of 2012/2013 who's name is Mark ZuckerBurg. Facebook is growing very fast and its engineers are also working well. Few days ago we got a new look of Facebook which is awesome and great. We have got many new features in this update and in this update Facebook Notification Sound is also developed.

03 February, 2013

How To Redirect Pages In Blogger New Interface

301 Redirection
I previously tutored about Creating 404 Error Page In Blogger and today we are going to learn that how can we redirect pages in blogger new interface. In the old blogger interface we were unable to make a 301 or 302 redirection. As you know that this new interface has brought us a lot of benefits and features and redirecting pages feature is also one of them. This feature is only used when you delete or change any URL of your blog post or page. Because Search Engines will still show your older URL which you changed. So when you are changing the URL of any post or page , you will need to make redirection of old URL to New URL.

01 February, 2013

Create A Custom Not Found Error Page In Blogger

404 Not Found
We previously talked about Meta Description Tags Settings In Blogger New Interface and today we are going to Create a Custom Not Found Error Page In Blogger. This page will only appears to those visitors who have entered your blog's wrong address or this address may be deleted or not existing. By default this feature is disabled and we shall enable it today. Before this feature, blogger used to show an error message to their users which was not good or not a freindly way but this feature is added in the Blogger New Interface. We have to add an error message to this page or we'll tell something better navigation way to the visitors. We can make this page beautiful by using HTML & CSS.

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