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25 April, 2013

How To Backup and Restore Blogger Blog?

Backup Of Blog
Blogger.com is a fast growing blogging platform which is under the control of Google. People use to join Blogger for sharing their content online on internet through creating a blog. Sometimes people use to violate the policy of blogger such as publishing copyrighted content or adding malicious coding in the blog. In case, they will get their blog deleted or removed by Blogger automatic detection system. In other hand, having a complete backup or copy of your blog can save your efforts in that situations. If you have a copy of your blog then you can easily get back all the data of your blog. So here we are going to learn that how can we backup and restore our blogger blog?

Why should I backup my blogger blog?

Creating a complete backup of your blog can save your hard efforts in difficult situations and by this even if your blog is deleted then you can get it back easily. No matter, If you are running a mega blog which is totally providing original and unique content, fully following the policies and you take care of your blog from every side then that great blog can also be deleted by blogger automatic detection system due to a tiny mistake like adding malicious coding. Once upon a time, I was adding IP banning script to a blog and after a few seconds that blog deleted. Luckily it was a testing blog and I didn't loose anything. So We're humans, man use to create mistakes and we don't know what will be in future. So I highly recommend you to backup your all blogger blogs.

Backup & Restore a Blogger Blog

Well, This process in not too difficult. You just need to press a few buttons. In blogger, We've to download 2 things of your blog for having backup of blog. First one is downloading the template and second one is downloading the data or content of your blog. So follow the below steps easily.

Backup & Restore Template Of Your Blog

  • Go To Blogger >> Template
  • Click "Backup/Restore" Button at the top right corner
  • A pop up window will appear. Now if you want to backup or download your template then click download button and if you want to restore your template then click choose file and upload your template.

Backup & Restore Blog Content

  • Go To Blogger >> Settings >> Other
  • You Will See Blog Tools Section At The Top.
  • Now if you want to backup or download your blog content then click Export Blog button and download your whole blog content. In other hand, If you want to restore your blog then click Import Blog and upload your downloaded blog content.
  • That's All.



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