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20 May, 2013

Metro Classic Responsive Blogger Template

Metro Classic

Name : Metro Classic
Platform : Blogger/BlogSpot
Release Date : 10, May 2013
Author : www.templateism.com
License : Creative Commons Attribution

18 May, 2013

Top 5 Best Android Mobile Games Of 2013

Best Android Games
Android mobiles company is being popular now a days in the world. The best of it; is the quality and features of their smart phones. Games and Apps lovers like me are falling in love with Android because it's Apps are really killing and attractive. You can play various kind of Games on your Android phone and today here I'm going to share some best android mobile games that you should play on your phone if you are also Games lover like me. You can download these games easily from internet and I also have added the download link of these games. So, here is the list of those games.

17 May, 2013

Blogger and Google+ Comments Together With Toggle

Blogger and Google+ Comments
Google+ commenting system is a latest released commenting system for Blogger platform. But there are some disadvantages of using Google+ comments only. Keeping this thing in eye, our expert web developers got idea of using Blogger and Google+ together with toggle. So, they created this new commenting system and shared it among all the Bloggers. So, Today I'm going to share that new commenting system with my loyal readers. For enabling only Google+ Comments, You used to enable it from Google+ page but here, you don't need to enable from there because we're going to use the coding of it. Before we get into the tutorial, let me explain something about this.

16 May, 2013

Add Official Blogger Contact Form In Your Blog

Blogger Contact Form
As you know that Blogger engineers are working on Blogger to make it more user friendly and easy to use; They introduced many new features like New HTML Editor, Google+ Mention and Google+ Commenting System. So today they also have introduced the another good feature which is "Official Blogger Contact Form". So in this update, we've got an dashing contact form which's design is similar to Google. This contact form contains three text areas which are name section, email section and message section. By default, email and message text areas are required. This form also contains a beautiful "Send" button which is totally adapted from Google. When someone will send feedback through this form then you will get it into your Gmail account which you are using on Blogger.

15 May, 2013

How To Increase Google PageRank?

Increase PageRank
After discussing many thing about search engine optimization, Today here we are going to discuss on another thing of SEO and that is Google PageRank. Many of you might know about Google PageRank but this post is specially for them who are new in search engine optimization. So today we are going to learn that what is Google PR, how to increase it and what are its benefits. Basically, Google PageRank shows the rank or quality of your blog/site and a higher Google PR can bring more and more benefit to you and your blog/site. So friends, let's start it.

13 May, 2013

How To Earn Smart Money From Downloading Blog?

Earn Money From Downloading Blog
I've seen that many bloggers are creating a downloading blog where they provide the Games, Softwares, Apps free to download. Well, the first thing they can't earn money with Google AdSense because Google AdSense doesn't support these kind of blogs/sites. But here I'm going to share some smart tips to earn handsome revenue from downloading Blog. If you are also one of them and can't earn money from your downloading blog then you must try these tips to earn smart revenue from your blog. These tips are really great and are experienced by me. So, friends, let's get into our tips and know the secret of earning money from downloading Blog.

12 May, 2013

jQurey Social Pop Up Box With Timer For Blogger

Previously, I shared a "Share To Enter" pop up subscription box and today here I'm going to share a similar pop up box like that. This pop up is little different from previous one. The main thing of this pop up is it has a timer for disappearing and we can also hide the close button in it which was impossible is the previous widget. This widget has also three main social buttons which are like button, follow button and plus 1 button. This widget is created with jQuery and JavaScript. This pop up widget appears when someone enters into your blog and locks your blog. Now your visitor will have to click on any button to unlock your blog and then they can access your blog. This can increase the social followers of your blog and you will get more traffic from social sites.

11 May, 2013

Share To Enter Pop Up Box For Blogger

Share To Enter
How many of you guys are getting traffic from social networking sites? There are a lot of Bloggers or web masters which are getting handsome traffic from social sites because now a days these sites are an important source of getting traffic and almost every internet user is using social sites. Well, let's come to our today's post which is about "Share To Enter" pop up box. This pop up box is really fantastic in getting traffic from social sites because when someone will enter to your blog/site. This pop up box will appear and the user will have to click on any social button to access your site. This pop up box is built with the 3 main social site buttons which are Facebook like button, Twitter tweet button and Google+ plus one button.


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