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03 April, 2013

SEO Tactics For Creating a Blog Post

SEO Tactics
Search Engine Optimization is important for every web page although it is blog, forum or website. Search engine can be optimized in two ways first one is on-page and second one is off-page. We've discussed some of both tactics and here, today I'm gonna tell you some on-page SEO tactics that you must do while creating a post. These tactics will not only increase your blog's traffic but also help the search engine's crawler to crawl your posts easily. You blog will also be safe from Google's algorithms if you use these tactics on all your blog posts. So, friends, Here are these tactics, Read them carefully now.

Quality and Unique Content

As I already have told on this blog that always try to create the quality and unique because Google loves unique content. Don't copy content from other and try to write your own articles. Google Panda can also bring you more traffic if your content is not copied from other site. If your content is original then other related blogs would like to share your content and if they will do then you will get a backlink to your site as a credit. 

Keyword Selection

The post title is most important in SEO because all the traffic which you will get, will depend on that keyword. So, here I'm giving a tool which is Google Keyword Tool. This tool will help you to know the monthly or yearly usage of the keyword by the whole nation in Google Search Engine, In other words, This tool will tell you that which keyword is most used. So by this tool, select the correct keyword for your post which gets more searches.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Many newbie bloggers are keyword stuffing or using repeatedly keywords in Post titles, URLs and Search description. If you are anyone of them then remember nothing will happen in benefit, All this is going to harm your blog. So try to avoid from keyword stuffing because Google Penguin's update will harm and decrease your traffic. Google Penguin detects those web pages which are over search engine optimizing and keyword stuffing is also over optimization and try to avoid this.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the total number or percentage of the usage of the main keyword in the whole article. If you are publishing a post which contains 1000 words then you should use main keyword only 20 times or you can use main keyword only 3%. Because Google Penguin also detect those web pages which are having more then 5% keyword density. Using main keyword in the post again and again can harm your blog and traffic and try to write only 3% main keyword in your article.

Image Optimization

Images are also an important source in getting traffic. You should add at least 1 or 2 images in your post but don't forget to add alt='image keyword' in the HTML of the image because this HTML attribution can bring more traffic from image search engines like Google Images and Yahoo Images. The maximum characters for image alt keyword are 50. You should not cross the limit for better result.

Search Description

Few months ago, Blogger had introduced new interface which is best with SEO tools. A Search Preferences Page was created where is all about SEO. Meta description is also one of these things which is added in the new interface. Now we can add meta description to each and every page in blogger and try to add some great description to your posts. This can also increase your traffic and better ranking in search results. I'd written a fully article about this, So read it now by going to below link.

Mention Your Old Posts In New Posts

This is also one of the best tactic in SEO, This tactic will help you to index your posts easily and your old posts won't waste or loose the new views. Always try to add the old posts links in the new posts like we do and if you are seeing any word in your posts and you think that you have ever wrote about it then add that article's link to that word.

Your Turn

So friends, These were our some SEO tactics for creating a post that can increase our visitor and can bring more visibility in search results. I'll try my best to share the search engine optimization tutorials and stay connected with us to get the new news. Take a lot of care of you and your family. 



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