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15 May, 2013

How To Increase Google PageRank?

Increase PageRank
After discussing many thing about search engine optimization, Today here we are going to discuss on another thing of SEO and that is Google PageRank. Many of you might know about Google PageRank but this post is specially for them who are new in search engine optimization. So today we are going to learn that what is Google PR, how to increase it and what are its benefits. Basically, Google PageRank shows the rank or quality of your blog/site and a higher Google PR can bring more and more benefit to you and your blog/site. So friends, let's start it.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is a system by Google which ranks every web page. The rank which will be given by Google to any page that depends upon the number and quality of Back Links. Google ranks from 0 to 10 and that are levels. Google PageRank is being updated after every three months. If your blog/site is new then it may have 0 or N/A PageRank.

How To Check Google PageRank

You can simply check the PR of your blog/site with the Google PageRank checker tool. There you will need to enter the URL of your blog/site, then the Captcha verification code will appear, enter the code and click VERIFY NOW!. Then you can see the pagerank of your blog/site.

Benefits Of Having Good PageRank

Having a good Google PR is always in benefit. There is not any disadvantages of having Good PR. So below I've listed some benefits of it that can really help you to grow your site/blog.

Fast Indexing

So, the first benefit of having good PR is that your blog/site's updates will be indexed very fast because PR shows the value of your blog/site and Google first index those sites which having good PR. Popular sites like BBC NEWS are having PR 9 in those site's updates are indexed just in few minutes. So, fast indexing can also help you to bring more traffic from search engine.

More Guest Post Submissions

Guest Bloggers always look for those blog/sites which are having Good PR and only high PR blog/sites can help them to get juice of guest posting. If you are also accepting guest posts on your blog and you blog has good PR then you will get more submissions of guest posts. But one thing (According To Me) I want to tell you that if you want to grow your blog/site to top levels then you should provide 85% of your own written content and you should publish only 15% of guest posts.

More Advertisers, Sponsored Posts and Reviews

Advertisers also check the Google PR of the site where they are going to advertise. They love to put their ads on high PR sites and it will bring more juice to them. Having decent page rank also brings more sponsored posts and reviews to you. If you are accepting these three things on your blog/site then you can easily earn smart revenue from it and Google PR.

How To Increase Google PageRank?

After reading the above little information and benefits about the Google PR, You might be wanted to increase the page rank of your blog/site. Well, This post is on increasing the PR and I discussed more on PR specially who are new in PR, So let's go into the main part.

Great Content

The one of the best thing about everything in web developing or blogging history that you should provide the great content that is not copied and is unique. Quality and unique content can also bring high page rank because Google always loves unique content. If you readers loves your content then they may share it with their friends.

Guest Posting

This is one of the best method to get high page rank. You should submit some guest posts on popular and high page ranked blogs. You will get one or two do-follow backlinks from that blog where you have submitted guest post. This will help you to build the links and it will also bring more traffic to your blog.

Forum Posting

You should participate in some popular web forums and before joining you must check that forum is giving you quality back link in signature. Publish some threads or reply to some threads and build some links on popular forums. This will also bring traffic to your blog and will build back links.

Social Media Promotion

You should always use social media sites to bring traffic to your blog/site and that is always best way. Access to some of your social accounts and do some posting or sharing your blog/site's links on those sites. Almost everyone is on social sites so by these sites you have best opportunity to get traffic and build links to your blog/site.

Commenting On Popular Blog/sites

This is also good method to build the back links of your blog/site. Comment on popular blogs and specially on those blogs which are using CommentLuv commenting form because it allows us to add the recent post link of our blog in the comment. And if someone reads the title of post their and get interest in it then he/she may read your post and may become a reader of you. So commenting is also important in link building and Page Rank

Regularly Update Blog

You should update or publish posts regularly specially at 12:00AM. Google loves to get fresh and unique content for crawling. So Google will more crawl you content and you will get more traffic from search engines and you will also have chances of getting high page rank.

Site Submitting Directory

You should submit your site to some directories like Dmoz.org, Yahoo directory, Article Base and there are many more. There you can get the back links by submitting your articles. Some popular directories are list below :

Build Special Back Links

You may be thinking that what are special back links? Well, Those backlinks which you are getting from special domain like Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu are called special back links. This is bit difficult to get back links from such kind of domains but you should try it by submitting article to Wikipedia and participating with your known school or college's website with .Edu or .Gov domain. These domains can really build high pagerank because these domains are more quality then others in the Google's eye.

Over To You

So friends, It was our Google PageRank and I hope you have got little about Google PR. So try these tips to boost your Google PR and I hope these tips will work for you. Stay connected with us for more search engine optimization tips and don't forget to subscribe us via email. Take a lot of care of you and you family.

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    One of the best place to get traffic is through Facebook by joining many group you can post your there and have good traffic to your site.



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