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04 May, 2013

Best Tips To Write Quality and Unique Content

Content Writing Tips
This is said by every Pro Blogger that content is king and it is really king but in my opinion, that content which has low quality and has copied from other sites is not at all king. If you write your own content for your blog that is said to be as king. So many bloggers can't write the unique and quality content because they have not ever tried to generate their own content or they don't have skills about content writing. Well, this post is specially for newbies in blogging and also for them who can't generate their own content because here we are going to give some great content writing tips that can make you a great content writer. These tips can help you to write great and unique content but it will need some efforts of you. So friends, let's discuss about these tips.

Your Article Must Contain Three Parts

So, This is the first and important tip that your article must contain three main parts. The first part is the "Introduction" along with the main post image. So first of all you have to create or edit a main image of your post, add that image in the post first of all and write a fresh introduction of your topic which you are going to discuss in that post. As you can see an example in any of our post that we have added introduction in the beginning. The second part is the "Main Content", Now in this part you have to fully discussed about the topic from A To Z and don't leave anything. No matter, how long that article is going to be, As long will you write and you will get more benefit from it. Now the third part is  "The End" of the post. Here you have to discuss that what we have learnt or gained today and what are its benefits. And also mention about the upcoming articles.

Before Writing You Have To Read 

Yes, It is important that before writing on any topic you must read and know the fully information about it. No matter, You can read thousand times to understand it fully. You only have to collect the information about that topic to generate the more content. You can research on that topic on the internet and read some top articles and then if you realize that you have gained the handsome information then you should start writing about that topic in your own words.

Write Information Not Words

Actually, This mistake is almost done by every newbie in blogging and even I also did this mistake. Newbies try to write more and more words by repeating the same thing again and again. I want to tell all the newbies in blogging, that nothing is going to happen if you repeat the same thing or words again and again. And even it can harm your blog if you are doing keyword stuffing. So my friends you have to write the information on that topic and you can research on it thousand times.

Improve Your English

This is the main thing which can attract readers to read your content. If you are non English speaking guy then you should improve your English. Try to build your vocabulary that can help you to write on any topic easily. You should also look after for the grammar during writing on any topic. You should also use the punctuation where ever they are required. And however, there are some great grammatical mistake checker tools that can help you to improve your English. A well written article which doesn't contain any grammatical mistake or punctuation mistake that shows the professionalism and I know that you want to be a Professional Blogger.

Make Your Content Beautiful

This is another thing that can also attract visitors to your content. You should make your post beautiful from each side. Add the images in every paragraph of the article if you have wrote but that image must be related to the paragraph. Adding videos in the post is also great idea, So you should add videos in the post but videos are not so important. You can also make your content more beautiful by using a great font and it's size. You should use proper headings, blockqutoes, bullet lists and numbered lists when they are necessary but don't forget to customize these all things with CSS3. 

Your Turn

So friends, these were great tips to generate the original and quality content. Publishing the unique content can bring a lot of benefit to your blog. That's why I have given some tips of it to you. I hope these tips will help you to generate the great content for your blog. So stay connected with us for more great articles, don't forget to subscribe us via email and take a lot of care of you and you family.


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    1. Thanks Buddy! Just stay connected with us and don't forget to subscribe us.

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    1. Hey bro.. I'm glad to see you here and thanks for the appreciation. See you soon

  3. These are the additional benefits for blog content writing. It makes to write unique and quality content.



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