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11 April, 2013

Blogger Has Got New Template HTML Editor

New Blogger Template HTML Editor
Blogger.com is a good CMS and blogging platform which is growing very fast. Day in and day out, many people are joining blogger.com and sharing their content through creating a blog. If you are also one of the Blogger.com user then here is a good news for you. Recently Blogger.com has officially released the new Blogger Template HTML Editor. This morning, when I logged in to my blogger account and was checking the my blog then I saw that there was a completely new HTML Editor. I instantly checked the buzz blogger and there I got a post where the author had described about the new blogger HTML Editor. So here we are going to discuss that what's new in the HTML Editor.

What is Blogger Template HTML Editor ?

In blogger, There are two editors, first one is for creating a post or article which is the main editor and it also has the Edit HTML option by which we can easily edit the source coding of our post. Second one is the Template HTML Editor which is about editing the theme or template of the blog or site. We can also edit our template by using the Blogger Template Designer where we don't need of some knowledge about HTML, CSS or JavaScript. That Blogger Template Designer works like a photo or video editing software. But today Blogger Template HTML Editor has got the update in it. Let's discuss about it.

What's New In Blogger Template HTML Editor ?

As we know that Blogger's engineers are hard working in creating blogger platform more easy. This new Blogger Template HTML Editor has got a lot of new awesome features which can help the newbies and template designers to edit their templates easily. Many improvements are made in this new Edit HTML Interface. You can see the new interface of Blogger HTML Editor by going to your blog's Template Page. Check the new interface and feel how better it is than previous one. Let's jump to it's features now.

Linning Numbers In Source Codes

In the old interface, we usually got a error like "Error Parsing XML, line 234, column 5" but the we couldn't find that error line and coding easily and here we can find it with the use of linning numbers. This feature is usually used in all the source coding editors. But here it is new and can help the web developers to work with it easily.

Error Highlighting

This is the best improvement in this editor. If you are writing any source code and forget to close the id or inserting the end tag then after previewing or saving the template it will give you error and it will also highlight the tag which are causing error and by this way, the editor tell you to end or rewrite or correct that tag.

Jump To Widget Tool

This is another best improvement in this new interface. By this tool, We can jump to any widget coding of your blog. In the old interface, we faced problem in finding the widget tool but this is will surely help the bloggers. You can jump to any widget by choosing the widget from drop down menu.

Syntax Highlighter

This is another best feature of this New Blogger Template HTML Editor. In this new editor interface, Blogger team has enabled syntax highlighter. You will see colorful coding which helps you to know that which type of coding is written. This feature is mostly used in all the editors.

Code Folding

In the some parts of your template, You might have seen the arrow sign on the numbering bar. That sign shows that it's line code has been folded. In the above image, you can see that all the skin coding or CSS coding has been folded. By this feature's help, we can edit the template easily.


It is really great feature in this new interface. When you will write the coding in that HTML Editor, that Auto-Indentation feature will automatically set the coding in systematic manner. So you will not need to arrange it manually because this feature will do it automatically. Web developers can write the beautiful coding with this feature easily.

Last Words

So friends, It was our new Blogger Template HTML Editor which is really great and I hope that this post would help you to work with the new editor easily. We'll update you with the blogger's news in the future. So stay connected for more tutorials and take a lot of care of your family and you. Good Bye.



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